FROM THE FOUNDER: Putting the KING into networking

Networking. Knowing and understanding your "brand" and utilizing it to the maximum benefit, in both existing and prospective networking relationships, are the most powerful tools in your arsenal to reach your professional and entrepreneurial goals. 

Whether you are a graduate, professional, entrepreneur, business owner, or investor: the way you differentiate yourself from others and effectively convey your venture's "Who you are" and "This is what we stand for" in just a matter of minutes is crucial. 

Networking is not just about telling and speaking, but about active listening. This means you should do your homework on who you are engaging with, and most critically: you need to know what you have to offer and why this is relevant to the other party. Networking is essentially a two-way street with which you can capitalize on your strengths and assets. 

Last year, I founded Afrinection to fill the massive networking void I saw in Africa. Up until last year, there was no online platform that enabled efficient, meaningful, and personal networking among Africans professionals, entrepreneurs, and those who are seeking to invest in African-owned ventures. This has changed! 

As Afrinection continues to grow, it is my hope that this platform continues to have a positive impact on you, your businesses, and professional hopes and dreams. 

Thank you for being a part of this community and if you are not, join us today by clicking here to register. 

Best Regards,