Meet our Southern Africa Ambassador: Gaongalelwe Mosweu (Botswana)

At Afrinection we are working with a group of driven, talented, and ambitious Regional Ambassadors from across the continent. Their task is to help us keep tabs on what is happening on the ground whilst promoting what we do and what we offer African professionals, entrepreneurs, innovators, and job seekers. The reason is simple: Africa is a huge region, comprising 54 different countries. This means we can't possibly be everywhere at the same time. Our North, West, East, and Southern Africa Ambassadors will be our ears and eyes on the ground. Gaongalelwe Mosweu from Botswana will be taking over the Southern African wheel.


Q. Tell us a little about your professional background?

A. I am from Botswana and I have been in marketing and communications for the past 12 years, occasionally working with international companies. I have worked in areas ranging from education to innovation, and I am passionate about IT and its potential to contribute to the development of the society. I, therefore, volunteer for a number of non-profit organisations in the tech and Internet Governance space.

I am a person with many interests and well-versed in areas of research, business process reengineering, cyber security, and content development.

Q. Why did you get involved with Afrinection?

A. I am interested in Afrinection as I personally want to grow professionally beyond the limitations within my own country and get new professional experiences from the region. I believe that Afrinection can offer me that.

Q. Why is Afrinection the online platform for African entrepreneurs, job seekers, and professionals? Why should people get involved, from an advertising point of view?

A. It is a unique platform that brings together Africans from various fields to network, from entrepreneurs who are making and selling toy cars from wire on the side of the road to sophisticated investors who want to invest in agricultural innovations to meet the needs of African people.

The sophisticated African investor has most likely built wire cars on the side of the road him or herself at some stage. As a result, he or she understands what is needed in terms of innovation in Africa and how they can contribute.

Advertisers should appreciate this portal’s uniqueness by investing in advertising if they want to reach the African market, whether they are seeking employees and future business leaders to customers and investors.

Q. What is your vision for Afrinection and how do you see your role?

A. My vision of Afrinection is for it to become the go-to site for all African opportunities, connecting seekers and finders in the professional world, and ideas to funding. I want Afrinection to become a professional thread for all Africans (within Africa and beyond), one that connects the world to Africa.

As the Southern Africa Ambassador, I see myself spreading the work of Afrinection and marketing the platform to social networks whilst promoting Africa and its opportunities to the rest of the world.

Q. What makes Africa such a great place for entrepreneurs, start-ups, and investors?

A. Africa is the next big thing. Many companies have exhausted other markets and Africa remains an unexplored green field of opportunities. The region is waking up to the realisation that its future lies in its own hands. It is no longer the Dark Continent.

Q. Can we find you on social media?

A. I am on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. I have a blog too.