Africa has become a focal point for new agricultural development initiatives - based on its rich cultural and agricultural heritage, Africa has become a point of interest for many wanting to tap into this opportunity. The current pandemic gripping the world has highlighted the need to ensure and secure effective food production and supply systems.

What does this mean for Africa? It means a whole lot, and opens up a lot of opportunities never before experienced. As the world assesses the supply for food and food security, this positions Africa to become a major global player in the food production and supply systems.

For many African countries, small producers form the main nodes of food production but are not geared towards the major food production value-chains. In order to harness the opportunities, producers and agri-businesses have to start positioning themselves not only as producers, but as businesses within a very crucial area.

As EMG Agri Solutions ( , we have positioned ourselves to assist producers and agri-businesses to gear themselves to becoming more meaningful participants within the agriculture value-chain. Africa can and must play a more active role in the global food supply value-chain, and this can only be done by putting in place the correct platforms for producers and agri-businesses to become a part of this.

The opportunity to grow your business is found within effectively positioning, planning and implementing strategic business modelling - aligned to the objectives you aim to achieve.

Let us assist you become a part of the agricultural value-chain.

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