At Afrinection, we have one simple aim and idea – to create a global network enabling people to establish meaningful connections. Afrinection serves as a networking hotspot giving you access to insightful commentary and dialogue via the forum and blog pages, as well as access to the network page enabling you to search for and interact with specific individuals or companies suiting your professional networking needs. For those seeking to see the latest brands, companies and organizations led by African entrepreneurs and businesses, the advertising partners page showcases such products and services offered.


The vision of Afrinection is to create a scalable, effective and lasting platform for establishing networking, investment opportunity and talent identification. This vision is in response to what we view as a massive gap in terms of a truly global platform enabling networking among African professionals, entrepreneurs and jobseekers both in Africa and abroad, providing visibility to African owned businesses, brands and ventures, and engaging corporations and businesses by providing a platform to identify top African talent. Afrinection serves as a means to bridge this gap.


The mission of Afrinection is to serve as the go-to resource for African entrepreneurs, job seekers, and professionals to connect with prospective investors, employers, and other African professionals across the globe while providing visibility to African owned enterprises to a global consumer base as advertising partners.

Community Overview

Key Features

An Open Network

Making a genuine difference with a long-term strategy which is built around honest and open communication – Afrinection provides you with the tools and resources necessary to establish meaningful relationships. These include real-time chat and messaging, an informative blog and forum, a searchable network page, and the ability to follow companies or professionals of interest.

Enhanced Visibility

Afrinection serves as a platform enabling companies, investors, professionals, jobseekers and entrepreneurs tied to Africa to network and establish long lasting connections. Companies, entrepreneurs and organizations seeking to hire African talent or promote their respective products and services are able to create a company/organization profile on Afrinection and also register as an Advertising Partner, providing a global audience and customer base.

Valuable Insights

Each month, two new insightful blog posts are added to the Afrinection Perspectives section of the home as well as blog pages highlighting African changemakers, entrepreneurs and professionals making waves both in Africa and the world at large, as well as providing insight into current trends and topics. In addition, the Afrinection forum is available for users to post job announcements, investment funding requests, highlight themselves as jobseekers and more.


Steve Essama


Mr. Steve B. Essama is the CFO and Vice President of Corporate Development and Strategic Partnerships for Virtual Network Cyber Systems Inc. As a member of the executive management team, Mr. Essama is responsible for the company's finances, operations, corporate policies and VNC’s relationships with its Prime and Sub contracting business partners. Mr. Essama has extensive experience in venture capital investment (alternative energy, healthcare, manufacturing, real estate, finance and technology focused), deal syndication, debt capital and banking services. He has also held relationship management positions at Bank of America and Citigroup in their Private Bank and Retail Banking Divisions; with a focus on relationship banking for high net worth families and marketing of Banking Benefits to both Fortune 500 and small and medium size companies respectively.