Cloudbox: turning your start-up into a 21st century venture

Besides issue related to access to finance and funding, one of the main hurdles start-ups and entrepreneurs in Africa and beyond have to overcome, are challenges related to streamlining their internal processes. This is needed to turn any young venture into a well-oiled machine that can stand the test of time. To help African entrepreneurs do just that, Alto Africa has introduced Cloudbox, a new enhanced 'All-in-One' IT solution in a box. This process-aligning, cloud-based tool was built on the shopping mall concept and was specifically designed for African SMEs that are looking to up their game and grow bigger and stronger. 

FEATURE: Using smartphone tech to ramp up education in Africa

Orange and the National Distance Learning Centre have announced a partnership to facilitate access to educational content on smartphones in Africa. The announcement was made during the Global Partnership for Education Summit in Dakar (Senegal), which was attended by Emmanuel Macron, President of France, Jean-Michel Blanquer, French Minister of National Education, Stéphane Richard, Chairman and CEO of Orange, and various representatives of education and training in Africa. Hundreds of thousands of African students have difficulties accessing high-quality educational content. This needs to be addressed, in this case through the provision of educational content from the best international ...

Driver Reference Bureau Africa : making Africa's roads safer, one driver at the time

As Afrinection has entered its second year, our membership database is growing strong. Every week, new African entrepreneurs, startups, business leaders and professionals are joining our ranks. Their objective is to connect with like-minded individuals, find employees, rack up investment, get business advice, and more importantly: foster real connections to drive their business and the continent forward. Kenyan entrepreneur Emmanuel Macharia of VelaAfrica is one of them. His goal is to expand his footprint across East Africa. Our editor spoke with him about his latest venture, transport and security company Driver Reference Bureau Africa.

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