Being Your Own Boss - Part 2

Afrinection guest blogger Nikki Viljoen shares her thoughts in the second part of her series about being your own boss.

Getting your message out there will probably be your next huge challenge and in order to resolve that you need to create a message that has a fast, hard hitting, instant impact.

As I write these words I am reminded of the voice mail message of one of my clients – Charrise from “Kinky Knickers”, who supplies an array of lingerie and underwear.  She was obviously busy with something and could not take the call and I needed to leave a message.  Her recorded intro had the usual “I’m not available . . . please leave a message”, type wording, but she concluded by saying “And remember . . we supply the knickers that someone is always trying to get into.”  Needless to say, I was laughing so much, I could not leave a message!  How brilliant was that!  How totally unexpected and refreshingly different.  Believe me, even if she was not my client – I would always remember where to purchase my lingerie and underwear going forward.

The point that I am trying to make here is that her message was powerful and had an instant impact and that message would last for ever.  I doubt that I will ever look at lingerie or underwear and not think of that message and have a good giggle.  From that message I know exactly what she does and I know the benefit and even though I could probably get what she sells at several different outlets, the ‘way’ she told me ‘what she does’, in her message will ensure that I buy from her.

As I tell the story, (and this article attests to that fact), I am spreading the news of what she does, which means that I am actually marketing her and her products (and she doesn’t even pay me a salary) and you can be sure that everyone else who hears that message will be doing the same.  This means that essentially it is easy for people to remember her and what she does and because of that, they will share that information readily about her business.  How cool is that?  She has a whole team of people marketing for her and they don’t even know it, much less expect a salary!

So how do you create one of those award winning messages?  It’s quite simple actually – so don’t panic.

Firstly, write down how your business helps your customers – this works for both products and services.

Secondly, underline or circle any of the descriptive  words that ‘stand out’ and make a statement about what you do or that describes your business.

Thirdly, take all of those words and make a single sentence which will make up your final message.  For example my message is: “Viljoen Consulting – I prevent loss by assisting and empowering small business owners to start up, grow and maintain sustainable businesses.

Finally, use your message as much as possible and where ever you go – at networking events, at business functions, on your card, your letterheads, as part of your signature on e-mails, on your voicemail messages, your blogs and even when you ‘tweet on twitter’.

The more people who hear your message, the more business you will generate and the more ‘ideas’ will come your way.


About the author: Nikki Viljoen is a guest blogger for Afrinection and is the founder of Viljoen Consulting. Her website is and she can be reached on Twitter and Facebook.