Welcome to the Afrinection. These terms and conditions will govern all issues that may possibly arise in relation to your access to www.afrinection.com, or use of its blogs, forums, social media, professional network, applications, resources, or services (collectively the Services) being offered on this website or the websites of its partners, subsidiaries, suppliers, licensees, assignees, affiliates, agents, and service providers (the Collaborating Partners) for connecting African entrepreneurs, professionals, and job seekers, with prospective investors, other professionals, prospective employers, and prospective consumers across the world. If you do not agree with these terms and conditions, you are not allowed to use this website.

The website www.afrinection.com is being owned and operated by Afrinection, Inc., which is incorporated in Delaware, USA.

The website provides an online platform and free resources for establishing meaningful and lasting relationships among African professionals, entrepreneurs and jobseekers so that they can expand their professional network and transform potential investment, employment, and consumer growth into reality.

In order to use any services being offered or made available on this website, the users shall enter a binding agreement with Afrinection, Inc., consisting of these terms and conditions. Clicking I Agree, Sign Up, Subscribe, Submit or related syntaxes on any part of this website or interface of your device shall be deemed as your digital signature and bind you to this agreement.

When you enter this agreement, it shall be deemed that you have attained the age of legal maturity in your jurisdiction and otherwise qualified to enter a binding agreement, and if you are not, using the Services under the guidance and supervision of your legal guardian who shall enter this agreement. Minors of less than 13 years of age are not allowed to use this website. All activities without consenting to this agreement shall be deemed as unauthorized access.

The agreement shall apply to its entirety. You should not be allowed to redefine the terms of this agreement by picking individual clauses. In case inconsistencies arise between this agreement and additional agreements, the relevant provisions of this agreement shall prevail. However, inconsistent provisions of this agreement to applicable laws shall be deemed as severed to the extent of such inconstancies and the applicable laws shall prevail.

If you are entering this agreement on behalf of your business or organization, it shall be deemed that you are fully authorized to enter this agreement on behalf of such entity, and if you are not, take your personal responsibility to fulfill all your obligations under this agreement.

Afrinection, Inc. reserves a right to determine the process and procedures of using the Services and making transactions on/through this website. Please acknowledge that certain features/services may be restricted to paid subscribers only. Afrinection, Inc. may limit, deny or create a different level of access to such paid Services.

Afrinection, Inc. reserves a right to modify, upgrade, replace, impose conditions to, suspend, or discontinue any feature or service, in whole or parts thereof, in its sole discretion and without any prior notice. We don’t make any assurance or representation that any feature or aspect of the Service will be available in the future. It shall be your responsibility to ensure that the Services are available in your jurisdiction and you can use this website without violating any local, state, federal, and international laws or embargos for being a resident to or listed in any governmental list of restricted countries/entities.

Afrinection, Inc. retains a discretionary right to monitor your activities on this website. If we find out that you are involved in any kind of breach of this agreement or unlawful activities, we may suspend, terminate or restrict your account to prevent further use of any service until the breach is corrected, and disclose any information, record, communication, or content with the relevant authorities/third parties in our sole discretion.

Browsing this website shall be free and voluntary, but you may be required to create an account for using any premium feature or service being offered on this website. While registering on this website, you may be asked to submit your name, contact number, email address, and other details of your personal, business, or demographic profile. Your personal information will be handled according to Privacy Policy which shall be a part of this agreement.

Afrinection, Inc. reserves a right to screen your personal or business profile before approving your account. You are not allowed to create multiple accounts or using the fabricated information to create an account on this website. If we believe that you are impersonating others or using multiple accounts, we may suspend/terminate all your accounts in our sole discretion.

It shall be your responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of your login information. You shall be liable for all activities that take place under your account, including but not limited to your subscription to advertisement packages, consent to additional agreements, submission of your content, or use of use of other services being offered on this website. If you suspect any kinds of unauthorized activity, promptly report the matter and take security measures to prevent or minimize your liabilities that may arise from such unauthorized access or activity.

The website, its resources, and presentation, including but not limited to the page headers, texts, images, icons, logos, graphics, videos, audios, scripts, applications, services, service names, trademarks, service marks, titles, intellectual property and proprietary rights are owned by Afrinection, Inc. and its Collaborating Partners and service providers, as the case may be, and fully protected under the U.S. copyright and trademark laws and related international conventions. All rights not otherwise claimed on this website shall belong to Afrinection, Inc. Copyright © 2016 Afrinection, Inc. All rights reserved.

You may access or download any user profile, job profile, personal or business information, service description, investment offer, or other information/content on Afrinection network for personal use, but nothing on this website, whether stated or implied, shall confer you any right over the copyrighted content or resources on this website to copy, extract, or systematically retrieve such materials or information in any form or manner to modify, create derivative works, publish, sell, lease, reproduce, redistribute, or exploit any content, in whole or parts thereof, without obtaining a written permission from Afrinection, Inc. and/or the respective license owner as the case may be.

You are not allowed to edit, modify, alter, or remove the logos, trademarks, copyrights, or other proprietary information from the accessed/downloaded content. You shall always respect the logos, trademarks, service makes, and other proprietary rights of Afrinection, Inc. and its Collaborating Partners, service providers, and other third parties.

All prices, promotions, subscription packages, exclusive deals and promotional offers on this website shall be subject to change at any time and without any prior notice.

When you purchase an Advertisement Partner subscription with Afrinection, Inc., it shall be deemed that your billing information is accurate, complete, and updated, and your registered credit card has been authorized to make your payments. Afrinection, Inc. shall not be liable for any fees, charges, or penalties imposed by your bank or credit card provider for membership, overdraft, crossing credit limits, insufficient funds, or otherwise any reasons they claim such charges. We shall not be liable for any non- performance due to your failure to provide a valid payment instrument.

The advertisement partner subscription shall be available on a monthly recurring basis to be charged at the end of each monthly cycle until you cancel your subscription at least 48 hours before the subscription renewal date. In case you request a cancellation of your subscription/termination of your account within or after 48 hours of your subscription renewal date, your credit card will be charged for the next monthly cycle regardless of your subscription cancellation or termination of the account.

Only listed payment instruments shall be accepted. Afrinection, Inc. reserves a right to add or remove any payment instrument from the website in our sole discretion.

Afrinection, Inc. reserves a right to engage any credible third party payment processor. When you purchase an advertisement subscription on this website, it shall be deemed as your consent to accept and abide by the terms and conditions of the respective payment processor. Please acknowledge that third-party payment processor may collect and use your credit card information in relation to their services. Any billing information that we may receive from such third parties will be handled according to our Privacy Policy.

Subject to the applicable laws, all payments in favor of Afrinection, Inc. shall be final and non-refundable.

All commercial content, advertisements and promotions on Afrinection, Inc. Advertising Partners platform or network shall be subject to the provisions of this section. Afrinection, Inc. reserves a right to refuse or remove any advertisement in its sole discretion. The following restrictions, but not limited to, shall apply to all advertisements:

  • You are not allowed to alter the size and style of Afrinection, Inc. or its logo. Ads with the abbreviated, altered, or improper use of Afrinection, Inc. or logo will be refused.
  • You are not allowed to publish any advertisement that promotes any service, content, or activity against our policies, interests, and competitive edge, or hampers our relationship with other users on this website. If the use of any content is subject to our prior consent, permissions shall be taken before publishing such ads.
  • Your ads shall comply with all the applicable laws and regulations in your jurisdiction. Your failure to comply any applicable law or regulation in your jurisdiction may result in cancellation/removal of your ads and even termination of your account.
  • You are not allowed to exploit the personal beliefs, characteristics or values of your audiences. All ads that make any such attempt to raise or harvest sentiments will be refused or canceled.
  • If you are an advertising company or advertising on behalf of other businesses/entities, you shall purchase advertisement subscription for each client. You are not allowed to use the same advertisement subscription for different clients; doing so shall be deemed as a material breach of this agreement.
  • You are not allowed to include, facilitate, praise, or promote any product, service, or activity which is illegal, unsafe, inappropriate, or objectionable, as determined by Afrinection, Inc. You should never promote such products, services, content or activities in your ads that are targeted to young audiences or depict any age-restricted material/content that may confuse, mislead, exploit, or create pressure on the targeted age-group.
  • You are not allowed to include, facilitate, praise, or promote weapons, ammunitions, explosives, terrorist ideologies, illegal or prohibited drugs, tobacco products and related stuff, adult products and services, and unsafe supplements, as determined by Afrinection, Inc.
  • You are not allowed to include, facilitate, praise, or promote explicit sexual content, excessive nudity, suggestive positions, or activities that are overtly suggestive or provoke sexual desire, regardless of its artistic or educational value.
  • You are not allowed to include, facilitate, praise, or promote excessive aggression, violent or disrespectful behavior, and shocking or sensational content. You should avoid images and videos that create a negative response.
  • You are not allowed to include, facilitate, praise, or promote payday loans, advances, short-term loans, or other activities that may affect the user’s budgetary prudence.
  • You are not allowed to raise sentiments by asserting or implying personal attributes, particularly name, age, religion, race, ethnic origin, gender identity, sexual orientation, beliefs, practices, disability or medical condition, financial status, or membership to particular group or community. Similarly, you are not allowed to exploit any political or social controversy for your business promotion.
  • Your ads should not contain any deceptive or misleading claims, offer, business practices, or content. Publishing ads that contain bad grammar or punctuation, non-existent or non-functional elements, spyware or malware, or links to non-functional landing pages or malicious/attacking sites are strictly prohibited. You are not allowed to use any flash animation or framing technology that plays with or without user interactions and expands to the entire page on Afrinection.
  • Your ads should never affect the user’s ability to close or navigate away from your ads or pages. Any content that you include in your ads, particularly the images should create a positive and enjoyable experience rather than depicting unlikely or unexpected results. For example, before and after images are not allowed on Afrinection.
  • Sectional headlines and other kinds of misleading ad positioning that lead to external pages with poor and unrelated content or cause unexpected or disruptive experience are not allowed.
  • When advertising alcohol or other alcoholic beverages, you shall be liable to comply with all the applicable laws, regulations, guidelines, licenses, approvals, industry codes, age restrictions, and country targeting criteria. You are not allowed to promote or reference alcoholic beverages in countries where it is prohibited.
  • All ads for online dating or related services can be published only after receiving a prior written permission from Afrinection. You shall be liable to follow all the dating targeting requirements and dating service regulations/guidelines that may be applicable in the targeted jurisdiction.
  • Similarly, ads for real money games and real money gambling, including but not limited to online sports, bingo, poker, or other casino games shall be allowed only when you have a prior written permission from Afrinection. No prior permission will be required for State lotteries provided that your ads are targeted according to the applicable laws and served exclusively to the targeted people in such jurisdictions.
  • Ads for over the counter dietary supplements shall be targeted and exclusively served to legally mature people in targeted jurisdiction, irrespective of its herbal nature. Ads for other pharmaceutical products and services, whether online or offline, shall be permitted only if you have a prior written permission from Afrinection.
  • Ads for mobile marketing, free-to- pay conversion billing products, or any product or service that require automatic subscription renewal or contain negative options shall be subject to our subscription requirements.
  • When targeting your ads, you shall never provoke, harass, discriminate, or disparage any target group or use any kinds of predatory advertising practices. You shall always comply with our applicable terms for creating any target group or audience.
  • While positioning your ads, you must ensure that text, images or contained media are relevant and appropriate to the products and services or the target group. Your ads should accurately represent the products, services, company, or brand which is being promoted. Your ads must match to the products and services being featured on the landing pages, if any, and don’t lead to any page that contains offers for prohibited products or services.
  • When linking to Afrinection, you may make a limited reference to clarify the destination of your ads, but your ads shall never create an impression that Afrinection Inc. is endorsing your ads or engaged in a partnership relationship with you. You are not allowed to use our copyrights, trademarks, logos, or similar marks without a prior written permission from Afrinection Inc.
  • It shall be your responsibility to ensure that any and all data, collected, received or derived from your advertisements on Afrinection network (Afrinection advertising data) is shared with only your trusted service providers who shall be obligated to maintain the security and confidentiality of Afrinection advertising data.
  • You shall never use or share Afrinection advertising data for any purpose except evaluating the effectiveness of your advertising campaign. Unless authorized by Afrinection, Inc. all such uses of Afrinection advertising data shall take place in an aggregated form to keep it anonymous.
  • You shall never use or share Afrinection advertising data or your ad’s targeting criteria to build, edit, append, influence, or augment any user profile that may be used to uniquely identify any user, computer or device, including but not limited to profiles associated with the device or advertising identifiers.
  • You shall never share any Afrinection advertising data (whether anonymous, aggregated, or derived) with data brokers, advertising networks, and advertising or monetizing related services.

Besides the foregoing provisions and applicable Community Standards, the following restrictions shall apply on video adverts:

  • You shall refrain from disruptive tactics like flashing screens to cause interruptive experiences.
  • Your adverts that are intended for mature audiences, including the adverts for film trailers, game trailers, and TV programs shall be permitted only when you have received a prior permission from Afrinection, Inc. and the advert content doesn't excessively use profanity, violence, gore, drugs/alcohol, or adult content.

While creating your Lead Ads, you are not allowed to request or collect the following types of information from your targeted audiences:

  • Social security number, driver’s license number, passport number, or other unique identifiers issued by the government.
  • Credit or debit card number, credit score, income, bank account number, bank routing numbers, outstanding liabilities, or other financial information.
  • Loyalty card, frequent flyer, cable, telephone, or other utility account numbers.
  • Medical condition or disability, medical records, physical, mental, or other health information.
  • Insurance policy numbers and related information.
  • Login information to be included in your Lead Ads.
  • Gender, religion, philosophical beliefs, political affiliation, and race or ethnic information
  • Affiliation to any group, community, trade union, or social status
  • Sexual orientation or dating preferences.
  • Criminal records or arrest history.

If a template for requesting substantially similar information is available on Afrinection, you shall always use our template questions.

The Services being offered on this website shall be used for lawful purposes only. You should never violate any local, state, federal or international laws on Afrinection network. The following activities, but not limited to, shall be strictly prohibited on the website:

  • Listing any profile, business, product, or service, posting any content/information, and/or using any content unless you are duly permitted or authorized to do so.
  • Uploading, posting, sharing, transmitting, or making any content/information available that you are otherwise not authorized to share or disclose under any law or contractual relationship with other parties.
  • Uploading, posting, sharing, transmitting, or making any content available that violates our copyright and trademarks, or infringes upon any patent, trade secret, or other proprietary rights of the collaborating partners, service providers or other third parties.
  • Sharing, transmitting or promoting any content that carries viruses/malicious codes, or using any technology to hack, crawl, gather or modify user data, or gain access to otherwise restricted areas of the website/Services, or doing anything that affects the normal functioning of this website and/or compromises the privacy of other users on the website.
  • Sharing slanderous or defamatory content, raising emotions, threatening or harassing anybody, or acting in a manner that is libelous, defamatory or amounts to an infringement of other’s right to privacy or publicity.
  • Impersonating others, misrepresenting affiliation to any person or entity, providing false, misleading or deceptive information, or doing anything that is designed to cause damage/harm to minors in any manner or amounts to fraud, suspicious, illegal or unauthorized activity.
  • Stalking people or gathering personal details of other users and/or sharing their information with others without proper authorization.
  • Sending messages and emails that are unsolicited and amounts to spamming others with marketing messages or unethical/illegal statements, testimonials, or information.
  • Offering content that has been banned or giving lectures in support of any event, issue or activity that have been prohibited by local, state, national or international laws.
  • Uploading, posting, sharing, or transmitting any content that is unlawful, harmful, tortuous, libelous, abusive, harassing, threatening, defamatory, obscene, vulgar, or pornographic, or otherwise making any objectionable content available for any purpose, including but not limited to influencing other users, raising sentiments, harassing, threatening or inflicting hatred against any individual, community, ethnic group, gender or race.
  • Forging headers, manipulating identifiers or using any tools and techniques to disguise the origin of any material transmitted to or through the website or engaging in any activity that tarnishes our reputation or compromises / interferes with others right to use the Services.
  • Copying, downloading, reproducing, compiling or using any systematic or aggregation tools like spiders, robots, automatic devices, manual processes or any other technology to access, copy, retrieve or extract any information, collection, compilation, database, directory, source codes, algorithms, business methodology, or systems being used on the website to resell, redistribute, operate a similar business, or otherwise exploit any content or material on this website for commercial or non-commercial purposes.
  • Increasing load on our infrastructure, launching a denial of service attack, or using technology to disobey requirements, procedures, policies or regulations of networks connected to the website, or engaging in activities like probing, scanning, or testing the vulnerability of any system or network that breaches or circumvents any security/authentication protocols, disrupts our services, and/or interferes with our network in violation of our policies and procedures.
  • Gaining unauthorized access to the computer systems or networks of the other users or engaging in any activity that undermines the integrity of our systems or network.
  • Gaining unauthorized access to otherwise restricted areas, security features, and services, or doing anything that amounts to modifying, reformatting, reconstructing, recompiling, reproducing, republishing, transferring or redistributing our database, compilations, security applications, and services or any other content that may be required for creating a derivative work.

Afrinection is a platform for connecting African entrepreneurs, professionals, and jobseekers with prospective investors, employers, and fellow professionals. We may offer blogs, forums, social media, a network page, or other resources to help you establish a meaningful and lasting relationship with the fellow professionals, entrepreneurs, investors, and employers, opening new avenues of potential investment, employment, and growth. You can freely post, publish, share, or transmit your views, reviews, comments, feedback, suggestions, information, or any other content related to the Services or otherwise (collectively User-Generated Content) on blogs, forums, social media, or publicly accessible sections of this website.

When you post, publish, share, or transmit any User-Generated Content on/through this website, it shall be deemed that posted/submitted content is genuinely true and reliable, and you have all the rights to post, publish, share, or transmit such content. If you don’t have copyrights or proper authorizations to publish or share any content, you should never post it on Afrinection.

While using our blogs, forums, social media, or networks, you shall never post, publish, share, or transmit any content or material that:

  • Contains viruses, malicious codes, or links to attacking pages.
  • Contains sexually explicit, pornographic, or politically biased material.
  • Contains abusive, racial, threatening, harassing, obscene, or improper languages.
  • Contains misleading, deceptive, and fraudulent claims or likely to create legal implications for being unlawful.
  • Portrays commercial solicitation or designed to spam other users with unsolicited commercial emails or messages.
  • Likely to violate others rights, including their copyrights, intellectual property, and rights of privacy or publicity.

Afrinection, Inc. shall never be liable to you or any other party for user-generated content or other materials/resources being posted, published, shared, transmitted, or otherwise made available on this website, regardless of its misleading, inaccurate, unreliable, fraudulent, defamatory, offensive or inappropriate nature. The user originally posting, publishing, sharing, or transmitting such content shall be solely liable for any claims or consequences that may arise from such violations.

When you create your personal or business profile on Afrinection or share your pictures, education, qualification, expertise, or other information related to your personal, demographics, or business profile, your public profile/shared information shall be deemed as non-confidential public information, freely accessible to all users on the Afrinection network. However, nothing in this section shall grant you any rights over the other users shared profile or content. You are not allowed to edit, modify, change or counterfeit any user profile or content that you may access or download while using Afrinection.

When you post, publish, share, or transmit any user-generated content on this website, Afrinection, Inc. shall be entitled to a non-exclusive yet perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, royalty-free and sub-licensable right over all your views, reviews, comments, feedback, suggestions, information or other content that are posted on forums, social media, or other publicly accessible sections of this website. Afrinection, Inc. may adapt, modify, duplicate, translate, reproduce, or create derivative works to display, distribute, publish, transmit or share with its Collaborating Partners or other third parties, and/or exploit user-generated content using any media or manner to advertise and promote its business. You shall ensure that you are fully authorized to grant this license to Afrinection, Inc.

All your submitted questions, concerns, ideas, suggestions, and feedbacks in relation to the Services or otherwise (collectively Feedback) shall constitute non-confidential data and entitle Afrinection, Inc. to use or disseminate your Feedback in any media or manner for improving the website or promoting its business without any obligation to ask for your permission, send prior notice, or pay compensation for using any intellectual property contained in such Feedback or derivative works.

It shall be your responsibility to ensure that posted, published, shared or communicated content adheres to our policies and we shall take corrective measures only on becoming aware of any violations or infringements. Afrinection, Inc. shall be entitled to refuse, edit, modify, or completely remove any user-generated content from this website in its sole discretion. However, we will take commercially reasonable measures to inform about any such decision and possibly explain why your content was modified or removed from the website.

You may terminate this agreement at any time by deactivating your account or sending a written notice to Afrinection, Inc. for any material breach of this agreement. If the material breach is incurable or the parties fail to correct any material breach with 10 days from the initial notice by the other party, this agreement shall be deemed as terminated.

Afrinection, Inc. reserves a right to suspend or terminate your account in its sole discretion. The following conditions, but not limited to, may result in suspension/termination of your account:

  • You have breached any provision of this agreement or applicable laws.
  • Afrinection, Inc. believes or becomes aware that your personal/business profile or service descriptions don’t comply with the terms and conditions of this agreement or the applicable laws.
  • Afrinection, Inc. believes or becomes aware that you have used misleading or fabricated identity or information to create an account and register on Afrinection network.
  • Afrinection, Inc. is unable to verify your personal or business credentials, listed products, service, or business profile, or becomes aware at any point that submitted information is false, inaccurate, incomplete, or otherwise inappropriate.
  • Afrinection, Inc. finds out that you are unable to discharge your financial obligations under this agreement or stolen credit cards/unauthorized payment instruments have been used by you in any transaction on/through this website.
  • Afrinection, Inc. believes that your activities may result in any kinds of financial or legal implication for you, its collaborating partners, or other users on the website.
  • You have requested a termination of your account or remain inactive for prolonged periods.

If Afrinection, Inc. suspends/terminates your account or imposes any restrictions on your account, you shall lose your rights to access any restricted feature or service being offered on this website, irrespective of the unused subscription period. Whether the restrictions are temporary or permanent, you are not allowed to create a new account on this website.

The termination of this agreement shall never affect your pending obligations under this agreement. You shall be liable to discharge your pending financial obligations even if your account has been suspended / terminated.

No claims, damages, or refunds shall be applicable for any suspension/termination of your account without a prior notice or unused subscription period.

You shall indemnify Afrinection, Inc. and its collaborating partners, subsidiaries, assignees, licensees, affiliates, service providers, directors, executives, and employees, holding them harmless against all damages, liabilities, losses, demands, claims, actions, costs, and expenses, including the administrative or legal expenses that may arise from:

  • Your ability or inability to use the website/Services.
  • Your violation of this agreement or applicable laws, including your obligations, responsibilities, representations or covenants for using the Services being offered on this website.
  • Your infringements of others users or third party rights, including their copyrights, intellectual property, or right of privacy or publicity.
  • Your use of any product, service, content, resource, deals, promotional offers and/or related views, reviews, advice, suggestion, or recommendation regarding African entrepreneurs, investors, employers, professionals, job seekers, and consumers.
  • Your acts and omissions, user-generated content, or any other matter in relation to products, services, or content being offered or made available on the website.

These indemnities shall survive any termination of this agreement. Afrinection, Inc. reserves a right to assume exclusive defense of any subject matter under your indemnification and demand full reimbursement of incurred expenses in asserting available defenses against the claims or rectifying the damages.

Afrinection, Inc. disclaims all warranties, conditions, and representations to the maximum extent permitted by the laws. Please acknowledge that this platform and the Services for connecting African entrepreneurs, investors, employers, professionals, job seekers, and consumers are being provided on As-Is and As-Available basis. You shall use the platform and the Services at your sole discretion and risk.

Nothing on this website or communications with the support executives, whether oral or written, shall create any kinds of implied warranty or representation regarding the accuracy, authenticity, reliability, reliability, availability, quality, performance, merchantability, fitness for particular purpose, or suitability of the Services as per your preferences, requirements or expectations. All such warranties and conditions are hereby disclaimed. The employees or representatives of Afrinection, Inc. are not authorized to make any such claims or representations.

Nothing on this website shall create any kinds of warranties, conditions, or representations, whether express or implied, regarding the accuracy, authenticity, reliability, validity, correctness, completeness, timeliness, relevancy, or availability of any content, including the views, reviews, suggestions, recommendations, product or service descriptions, business or job profiles, education or expertise of professionals, or any other information in relation to the Services being offered or made available on this website.

Afrinection, Inc. disclaims all warranties and representations that the Services, including but not limited to any product, service, content, exclusive deals, or promotional offers will be free from errors and omissions, interruptions, infringements, viruses, or malicious codes, and any or all such occurrences will be restored immediately and promptly.

Afrinection, Inc. disclaims all warranties and representations that the Services will be available without any disruption or interruptions. Please acknowledge that the Services may be suspended or terminated due to maintenance, technical limitations, force majeure events, the introduction of new features/services, and restoration of suspended services or a change in the Service itself.

Afrinection, Inc. disclaims all warranties and representations regarding the products and services being offered or made available by third parties. Featuring third party logos, trademarks, and service marks on this platform doesn’t mean that Afrinection, Inc. is endorsing or recommending their products, services or related advertisements.

Afrinection, Inc. shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, punitive or special damages and financial losses, including the loss of business opportunity, potential revenue, cost savings, profits, credibility, goodwill, and peace of mind or other tangible/intangible damages that may arise in relation to:

  • Ability or inability to use the Services being offered on this website.
  • Use of any service for connecting African entrepreneurs, professionals, job seekers, and investors with prospective investors, employers, consumers, or other professionals across the world.
  • Escalated cost of using any other platform for connecting with entrepreneurs, investors, professionals, job seekers, and consumers or obtaining substitute products, services, subscriptions, investment, employment, or related information.
  • Unauthorized access to your account, personal identity, or information in relation to the Services being offered on this website.
  • Acts and omissions, activities, or statements of other users, service providers, or other third parties, including any infringement of your rights in relation to products, services, or content being offered or made available on this website or claims by such parties that they are entitled to any kind of indemnification under this agreement.
  • Any other matter that may arise in relation to your use of any product, service, or content being offered or made available on this website.

These limitations will apply to the maximum extent permissible in your jurisdiction, irrespective of the fact that such losses and liabilities occur due to any mistakes, deletion of files or data, errors and omissions, interruptions, non-performance, delays in operation, unauthorized access, misrepresentation, negligence of duty, torts, and/or breach of contract or statutory responsibilities by Afrinection, Inc. or otherwise, and the possibility of such liabilities were already conveyed to it.

In any case, our total liability, including the liabilities from misrepresentation, tort, breach of contract, negligence of statutory duty, non-performance, restitution or otherwise, shall never exceed the amount that you paid for receiving any service being offered by Afrinection, Inc. or its collaborating partners or the maximum amount permitted under the applicable laws, whichever is less.

This website may include links or ads to third party websites and their content. Such links may be included for connecting African entrepreneurs, professionals, and job seekers, with prospective investors, employers, and consumers across the world.

Please acknowledge that Afrinection doesn’t endorse/recommend any product, service, business, investment, or employment opportunity and related content, including the views, reviews, specifications, product or service descriptions, job or business profile, education and expertise of professionals or other information being features or made available by any third party website.

Afrinection, Inc. shall not be liable for any claims, damages, loss, or liabilities that may arise in relation to your use of third party websites or reliance on any content, products, services, or information being featured on such websites.

All declarations, legal notices, claims, or communications between the parties shall preferably take place through electronic means and deemed as written communication.

These terms and conditions shall be part of your entire agreement with Afrinection, Inc., including but not limited to Privacy Policy, Acceptable Use Policy, End-user Licenses, Process and Procedures, and additional agreements that you enter for using any service being made available on this website. Please acknowledge that third party services are subject to additional terms/licenses of the respective service providers.

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If Afrinection, Inc. is unable to enforce this agreement or ignores any non-compliance due to specific circumstances, it shall never be deemed as a waiver of its business/legal rights with respect to your subsequent non-performance or violations under this agreement.

You shall bear all costs and expenses incurred by Afrinection, Inc. in enforcing any provision, condition, covenant, and/or indemnities granted by you under this agreement.

The heading and paragraphs of this agreement shall be used for convenience only, and should not be used for interpreting any provisions or deemed as part of this agreement.

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This agreement shall be governed and construed according to the laws of the United States. The parties shall submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Delaware, U.S.

The clause/section of this agreement shall be severable. If any provision of this agreement is declared void or becomes unenforceable due to any reasons, the affected clause/section shall be severed and the remaining agreement shall continue in full force and legal sanctity. When feasible, the impugned clauses or section shall be replaced by new provisions in the true spirit of this agreement.

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