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  By: Guest on May 19, 2020, 8:03 a.m.

Attn: Customer

The CASH FINANCIAL EXPRESS LOAN COMPANY is a financial institute that was setup by Catholics​. It is an established institute set up to help our fellow Christians and also those passing through financial problems And also the Unbelievers,it is a well known Christian loan firm organized and established by Catholics to help the hole wide world from financial crises.

The CASH FINANCIAL EXPRESS LOAN COMPANY with 13 years experience and who has record tremendous success is ready to put an end to that your financial problems we give out loan from the duration of 1 to 30 years and from the range of 10,000USD to 900,000,000USD. The most important part is our rate of interest which is brasses on 2.5% and we give a well calculated and repayment schedule to all our applicant world wide. And the reason why i ask is because this mail address was picked Randomly.

  • Qualifications: 1) The borrower must be at least 18yrs old 2) Even with bad credit, we still guarantee borrower loan 3) The loan may be granted even with low credit 4) There is no per-payment penalty. 5) You do not need a co-signer
       * Loan Agreement:

    1) An agreement signing process must be performed on this transaction of my company.The borrower must be willing to pay back and also sign all documents regarding the loan agreement.The loan must able re-pay back.

       * Repayment:

    Repayment is monthly or annually depending on the choice of borrowing and the repayment schedule for a loan is calculated and sent to borrower.

     * Interest:

    The interest rate applicable to all loans is 2.5%

Fill and return the application form bellow.



First Name: Last Name: Contact Address: City/Zip Code: Country: State Gender: Date of birth (yyyy-mm-dd):


Amount Needed: Purpose For The Loan: Loan Terms & Duration: Telephone: Fax: Name Of Company:


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