FROM THE FOUNDER: find jobs and African talent with Afrinection's Pan-African jobs board

It is with great pleasure that I announce the launch of Afrinection's Jobs page. It is the very cornerstone of why I founded Afrinection. This initiative rests on the drive to enable my fellow Africans to find work, connect with talented professionals, and identify opportunities to network with each other on an open platform. 

It is my hope that by launching our Pan-African Jobs page, Afrinection in a small part will serve as a "virtual resume" for Africa's talented men and women. It is my wish that it will enable them to apply for opportunities posted across Africa by employers and recruiters. Tackling the issue of joblessness is our collective responsibility and I invite
job seekers (both in Africa and those abroad who wish to return to the continent) as well as employers/recruiters to register and utilize our Jobs page. 

It is true what they say: ability equates to nothing without opportunity. Every qualified candidate should have the opportunity to gain meaningful employment and every company 
should have access to the right skills. 

Thank you for being a part of this community. If you are not yet, please join us today by clicking here to register. 

Best Regards,