Afrinection: A Vision

At the age of 30, I recall penning in my trusted notebook a vision I had for Africa. A vision where people would have the opportunity to share their knowledge, and be able to find others of mutual passions and interests. I left Africa at the age of 13, embarking on a new journey in the United States. The saying you can leave Africa, but Africa never leaves you is indeed a true statement. The strong sense of community, the market, the vivid natural beauty, the sights, sounds, and smells. Most importantly, the people. 

When my father passed away due to cancer in September 2015, the last few months of his life, I browsed the endless pages of his authored and co-authored books, conference and workshop proceedings, and research focused on improving agriculture methods and yields in Africa. I could not help but stare in awe how a man’s love for his country, and his continent expressed itself in tireless travels across the continent, teaching the next generation of farmers and agronomists techniques that would one day lead to the creation of drought-resistant crops throughout the continent and the world. It is at that moment, that I knew my father’s life was truly a mission accomplished, and he would take his rightful place among Africa’s greatest generation of scientists, scholars, educators, and leaders. 

However, that instant left me with an empty feeling inside. For when the day of my final resting would come, what would my contribution and story encompass? Hence, the vision behind Afrinection. The ability for my fellow Africans from across the globe to take collective responsibility as well as seize the opportunity, to establish meaningful connections among each other, furthering the success of African owned ventures, while enabling able and bright African professionals the opportunity at gainful employment in their industries of interest. At the same time, providing a truly global platform to showcase brands, organizations, products and services offered by Africans for the purpose of increasing their prospective consumer market. From the musician, to the tax preparer, to the start-up and clothing designer, advertising partners of African origin from across the globe are now able to join the Afrinection community. If even one meaningful connection between two individuals is established as a result of meeting on Afrinection, I consider this venture a success. Life is about the journey, not the destination. I look forward to walking alongside you on this journey with Afrinection.

With best wishes and regards,


Founder, Afrinection