Nigerian serial entrepreneur Bolaji Akinboro joins prestigious Endeavor Global Entrepreneurs Network

Bolaji Akinboro, co-founder of Cellulant Corporation and CEO of Cellulant Nigeria, was selected to join the Endeavor Global Entrepreneurs Network (EGEN), a leading high-impact entrepreneurship movement around the world that supports organizations to have prime opportunities for growth. Through a rigorous selection process, EGEN has identified thousands of entrepreneurs from around the world each year. The objective is to identify small companies with the largest potential for impact. Bolaji was asked to join the network due to his experience in creating impactful projects across the African continent. He has also spent a lot of time working in business development with reputable companies across Africa.

Prior to assuming his role as CEO of Cellulant Nigeria, Bolaji led the planning and the execution of the Growth Enhancement Support Scheme (GESS) project; an agricultural subsidy program for the Federal Government of Nigeria which enabled the disbursement of fertilizer, seed and other agricultural inputs worth $1 billion to rural farmers through an e-wallet platform. The eWallet platform has 
built the foundation for mass-adoption of digital financial services for the unbanked in Nigeria. The technology has also been adopted by the Liberia, Togo, and the Afghanistan governments to transform their agriculture sectors.

Asked about his selection in the Endeavor network, Bolaji stated, “joining the Endeavor network is another step towards strengthening our teams and scaling our work in Africa. Today, Cellulant has built a large network of payment players in Africa and we are working to solve the most challenging problems in Africa. Endeavor will afford us a great network of peers around the world who can serve as mentors for our teams as we do this work. Furthermore, Cellulant will have the opportunity to shape the global conversations and knowledge-building on what it will take for Africa to experience high-impact growth in various sectors in the coming years.”

Bolaji joins his Cellulant co-founder and group CEO, Ken Njoroge, who was recently selected as the first high-impact Sub-Saharan entrepreneur by Endeavor during their 72nd International Selection Panel (ISP) held in Beirut, Lebanon on June 24-26, 2018.

On Bolaji's selection, Fiona Mugai, Managing Director for Endeavor Kenya said that they "are thrilled to welcome Bolaji to the Endeavor network after a rigorous and highly competitive selection process. His selection as an Endeavor entrepreneur is a testament to the growth and potential of the African entrepreneurial ecosystem. Bolaji and his co-founder Ken have demonstrated their ability as young entrepreneurs to build an impressive business that has a strong brand in the larger African market."

"Through Endeavor, Bolaji will be able to multiply his impact as the role model Africa needs to spur its future entrepreneurial and economic growth. We look forward to working with Bolaji, Ken and their team at Cellulant to further scale their expansion into new markets and supporting their efforts in transforming lives through promoting financial inclusion in Africa.”