CYGEC IT Solutions: An IT Startup with a Purpose

Afrinection recently interviewed Charles G. Kpan Jr., founder of CYGEC IT Solutions, Inc. He discusses launching an IT startup in Africa making an impact in local communities.

Q. What is the name of your start-up, social enterprise, or innovation?

CYGEC Solutions, Inc.

Q. What/who inspired you to set up your start-up, social enterprise, or innovation? 

I have always considered myself to be a highly self-motivated individual with a passion for technology. My startup arose from this.

Q. In what year did you start your start-up, social enterprise, or innovation?


Q. In which country/countries/regions does your  start-up, social enterprise, or innovation operate?


Q. What has been a highlight since founding your startup?

We are one of the Winners of the Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Program. Also we are the 2nd Winner of the Sensi Tech Hub Health Hackathon where we developed a solution to combact the spread of misinformation during disease outbreaks in Africa.

Q. What has been a key lesson learned by you so far?

Success begins the moment you put effort into something.

Q. What makes your startup worthy of investment funding?

Our solutions are feasible, We have well trianed and experienced staffs and developers.  Our solutions are targeted towards the major problems we face in African such as: unaccountability, corruption, etc.

Q. Where do you want your start-up, social enterprise, or innovation to be in five years?

I want my startup to be decentralized in West Africa. I want my solutions to affect the lives of thousands and to cause a global impact.

Q. What are your 3 key tips for aspiring and budding (social) entrepreneurs?

1) Have courage. 2) Do not be afraid to take risks. 3) Never stop trying.

Q. Why did you join Afrinection and why should others?

I joined Afrinection to connect with our Entrepreneurs and startups. To create partnerships and lasting connections.

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