Meet our East Africa Ambassador: Daniel Muraga (Kenya)

At Afrinection we have started working with a group of driven, talented, and ambitious Regional Ambassadors from across the continent. Their task is to help us keep tabs on what is happening on the ground whilst promoting what we do and what we offer African professionals, entrepreneurs, innovators, and job seekers. The reason is simple: Africa is a huge region, comprising 54 different countries. This means we can't possibly be everywhere at the same time. Our Ambassadors will be our ears and eyes on the ground. Daniel Muriuki Muraga from Kenya will be taking over the East Africa wheel.

Q. Tell us a little about your professional background

A. I am an experienced freelance writer and communications expert. I hold a degree in Anthropology and a Masters in Communications from the University of Nairobi. For the past six years, I have written extensively for clients on various niche topics including marketing, finance, technology, social sciences (academic), supply chains, media, parenting, fashion, and other issues. I have also done social media marketing and management work for several websites.

Besides writing, I have worked in sales, marketing and advertising with both local and international firms including Nairobi Bottlers, Star Newspapers and International Research Network.

I also know East Africa quite well and I am an active participant on various online East Africa and other African communities, forums and groups. In my work as a startup writer, I have interviewed many professionals with whom I am still in contact. I am a frequent contributor to International Data Group (IDG) Connect.

Q. Why did you get involved with Afrinection?

A. Afrinection is an all-around and open platform where I can create useful relationships with people and organisations of my choice. With powerful social media-like features, I can chat, send messages, participate in discussions on the forum section, create a profile and access informative blog posts.

The greatest motivator for getting involved is that I am given the chance to meet entrepreneurs, employers and other people. In the future, I want to start a side business. I am already planning ahead by identifying potential investors through Afrinection. As a lover of the African continent, I am thrilled that I am associated with a platform that seeks to advance an African dream.

Q. Why is Afrinection the online platform for African entrepreneurs, job seekers, and professionals? Why should people get involved, from an advertising point of view?

A. Marketing managers are always on the lookout for audiences for their campaigns. Afrinection is a platform that brings together entrepreneurs, job seekers and other professionals, and connects them to a great membership base that marketers can take advantage of.

Due to the huge number of professionals looking for opportunities, organisations and companies in Africa, Afrinection is the go-to platform for marketers who are seeking a targetted audiences. Once you place your marketing message or ad on the site, you know it will reach your audience and lead to increased sales and conversions.

Q. What is your vision for Afrinection and how do you see your role?

A. The strategy Afrinection has chosen in terms of platform features is excellent and places it on the right track for a bright future. Being able to do so much on one single website offers users many advantages, and it allows them to stay on the platform for longer. I see Afrinection getting millions of users - individuals, start-ups, innovators and corporates - and I am proud to participate in this growth whilst helping entrepreneurs, job seekers and innovators grow their professional careers and businesses.

Q. What makes Africa such a great place for entrepreneurs, start-ups, and investors?

A. Africa is a great place for many reasons. Africa is huge and is made of 54 developing economies where entrepreneurship, startups and investments are thriving. There is a strong wave sweeping across the continent of technology-oriented entrepreneurship, especially in South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya.

The continent is pioneering in tech apps such as Mxit (messaging app long before Whatsapp) and Mpesa (mobile money transfer without a bank account). As mobile technology and internet coverage continues to penetrate Africa, entrepreneurial spirit will be taking shape, resulting in international investors flocking the region. Owing to the growing population, Africa offers a huge consumer base that businesses can take advantage of.

Understanding the African market is, however, vital for businesses to prosper here. The continent has become a hub for innovation and startups are blossoming as a result of increased funding and angel investors. This makes Africa the best place for investment right now. 

It is also worth noting that many startups and entrepreneurs are not aware of where they can go to get funding for their innovative ideas. Some of their ideas will therefore never come to fruition. It also tends to be difficult to reach target audiences. Fortunately, these are problems Afrinection is seeking to solve