FROM THE FOUNDER: How Afrinection wants to help solve Africa's unemployment problem

Unemployment. One of the most significant issues facing African talent today is the lack of meaningful opportunities to provide financially for themselves and their families and not being able to apply their talents, skills and knowledge. Research has shown that 50% of African graduates are jobless, that whilst this continent is in desperate need of skilled, qualified professionals. As a result, many of Africa's brightest minds end up exploring employment options abroad elsewhere in the world. Whilst I understand this, this scenario is fast-tracking the continent's brain-drain, a situation which is hurting African businesses and economic growth. Afrinection wants to be part of the solution. 

I have always believed that keeping African professionals where they are needed the most (in Africa) and addressing the region's out-of-control and growing unemployment rates require the joint effort of governments and the private sector. Governments, after all, can not do it on their own as most don't have the capacity to create jobs.

They, however, do have the power to create a favourable, competitive, job-centred business climate in which companies like advertising partner Menekemu Design and Packaging from Liberia and many of ourAfrinection Network members can grow, prosper, and eventually hire more people. 

Afrinection seeks to do its part by launching a new jobs platform in October 2017. With this pan-African employment board, we hope to help employers who are seeking talent in Africa to find the right candidates, whilst providing job seekers a much-needed online platform to showcase their qualifications, identify opportunities, and apply for suitable positions. 

This is part of Afrinection's drive to bring together employers and job-seeking professionals, with the ultimate aim to help Africa move forward. We welcome you to join our #JobsForAfrica movement by registering your company or individual profile on today. 

Best Regards,