Future Initiatives & Charitable Organisation: Making an Impact on Africa's Youth

Afrinection recently interviewed Charles Ongu Saidi Hussein, founder of Future Initiatives & Charitable Organisation. He discusses making a positive impact in the lives of disadvantaged youth.

Q. What is the name of your start-up, social enterprise, or innovation?

Future Initiatives & Charitable Organisation

Q. Where did you grow up and what/who inspired you to set up your start-up, social enterprise, or innovation? 

I was raised in Masindi and it is through my educational background and the support of many people in my community along the way that I am here today. As a result, feeling this obligation to pay it forward, I  started this initiatives to help support those in less fortunate circumstances.

Q. In what year did you start your start-up, social enterprise, or innovation?


Q. In which country/countries/regions does your  start-up, social enterprise, or innovation operate?


Q. What has been a key lesson learned by you so far?

That in life, there are many challenges which need to be solved and there is a great need for learning many new things everyday in order to resolve those challenges.

Q. What makes your startup worthy of investment funding?

Our organisation is mainly focused on helping  disadvantaged young people, like those residing in orphanages, the slums and unemployed gain tangible skills and help themselves.

Q. Where do you want your start-up, social enterprise, or innovation to be in five years?

In five years, we would be operating in different countries or almost have partners and implementing partners across Africa.

Q. What are your 3 key tips for aspiring and budding (social) entrepreneurs?

1) Help others who lack the opportunities that you may have had. 2) Support youth development. 3) Help individuals overcome life obstacles to achieve their dreams.

Q. Why did you join Afrinection and why should others?

To gain the support from community members and help our organisation reach more disadvantaged youth.

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