TEENSVOICE & PRIMAD: Impacting the Lives and Education of Rural Youth

Afrinection recently interviewed Priscilla Asamoah Baffour, founder of Teens Voice Magazine. She discusses improving the lives and education of children living in rural communities.

Q. What is the name of your start-up, social enterprise, or innovation?


Q. Where did you grow up and what/who inspired you to set up your start-up, social enterprise, or innovation? 

I grew up in the second capital city in Ghana, Kumasi. Looking at the negative trend of social media and irrelevant television programs which wasn’t challenging and pioneering teens to have critical thinking skills and them becoming lazy and redundant, I established TEENSVOICE to publish educational and leadership magazine purposely for teens in shaping their mindset , harnessing their talents and developing them to become great leaders in the future. Also, after a visit to my hometown and noticing how children were practicing unhealthy practices and lacked interest in education, I established PRIMAD Organisation to help improve the lives and education of children living in rural communities.

Q. In what year did you start your start-up, social enterprise, or innovation?


Q. In which country/countries/regions does your  start-up, social enterprise, or innovation operate?

Currently TEENSVOICE operates only in Ghana but copies have been sold to people living in USA and China. For PRIMAD, it operates only in Ghana.

Q. What has been a key lesson learned by you so far?

Mentorship and kindness saves lives!

Q. What makes your start-up, social enterprise, or innovation worthy of investment? Give us 3 reasons (elaborate on these)

It is a sustainable innovation which aims to create a hub that trains and develops the talents and dreams of teens in becoming great leaders in which their impact to the society, country and world at large will boost the economy as they offer their contributions in the form of tax generating revenue for social and economical developments, reduce crime rates and create more job opportunities for the next generation as they establish many businesses. Moreover, promoting good health and well being, Quality Education in rural communities bridges the gap between urban and rural ,and making life sustainable therefore this makes my innovation and social enterprise stands out and worthy of investment as the end impact is of beneficial to everyone. 

Q. Where do you want your start-up, social enterprise, or innovation to be in five years?

For the TEENSVOICE magazine, to be recognized as the world’s leading talent hub that has trained and raised many youngsters in achieving their goals with centers in at least five African countries. For PRIMAD Organisation, to have created at least ten health centers with quality and qualified health personnels in rural communities in Ghana.

Q. What are your 3 key tips for aspiring and budding (social) entrepreneurs?

1) Your social enterprise must solve a problem because there will be demand for it. 2) Let your vision guide you every step of the way and never lose focus. 3) Refrain from unhealthy competitions as it can make you lose focus and track of what you could have done to impact the world positively!

Q. Why did you join Afrinection and why should others?

It’s a great platform to network and connect with visionary leaders in business, innovations and development.

Q. Is there anything else you would like to add?

Make your life impactful so you can impart others positively to make this world a better place.

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