Five reasons to join Afrinection, Africa’s fastest-growing online network for entrepreneurs & professionals

Afrinection is Africa’s first integrated professional online networking, jobs, marketing and investment identification platform. It was created in September 2016 due to a gap in the African business community with regards to diaspora and on-continent. The lack of a dedicated platform enabling African professionals focusing on African business development, African entrepreneurs and start-ups, and job seekers to connect proved to be a ripe opportunity for advancement. Afrinection speaks to prospective investors and employers, creating a future-focused funnel of African talent. There are at least 5 very good reasons why you should join our rapidly growing network.

1. Afrinection: Africa’s New Ecosystem

Our direct communication tool is quick and easy to use as it allows individuals to send chat messages in real-time and connect with company profiles that they follow. Similarly, registered companies and organizations have the ability to reach out to potential employees in order to open communication lines.

Afrinection is open to Africans in the diaspora and on the continent, as well as companies and professionals who focus on African business opportunities. The key focus of Afrinection is on global African citizens. Afrinection provides a niche community whereby employers pursuing African talent have the opportunity to navigate through countries and industries to find prospective candidates for their job openings. The vision of Afrinection is to develop a Go-To platform creating meaningful connections that deliver. As stated by founder, Kifle, Afrinection was born out the need for, “fellow Africans from across the globe to take collective responsibility and to establish meaningful connections among each other, furthering the success of African-owned ventures and affording bright African professionals the opportunity at gainful employment in their industries of interest”.

2. Registration at Afrinection is completely FREE.

To create a free company, organization or individual profile on Afrinection, simply register and select your preferred category. Afrinection provides businesses with the ability to identify entrepreneurs for prospective investment opportunities as well as talent recruitment processes to fill job vacancies. Even more, our fully-searchable networking platform supports African networking opportunities. Subject matter experts and professionals of African descent (or those whose expertise focus on African growth, entrepreneurship and investment) can be connected through Afrinection.

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3. Everyone is welcome:

Afrinection serves as a Pan-African, cross-industry platform that empowers engagement between registered companies, organizations and individuals. Be it job posts by recruiters in Africa or jobseeker profiles created by young African entrepreneurs, Afrinection is the networking platform for you. The African diaspora residing abroad are a key demographic of Afrinection. We are geared towards helping those who are seeking employment opportunities in Africa as well as African entrepreneurs seeking meaningful connections with organizations based in Africa.

As stated by founder, Kifle: “From the musician to the tax preparer, to the start-up and clothing designer to the advertising partners of African origin… ALL are now able to join the Afrinection community”. Gone are the days of outdated recruitment processes in Africa. We have the opportunity to empower ourselves through technological development and surpass the old newspaper advertisement and TV commercials. Afrinection is changing African business culture and empowering you to become connected.

4. Gain greater visibility for your brand, product or service:

If you are a business owner, Afrinection provides the opportunity to advertise your brand, product or service after registering for a company or organization profile. To do this, all you have to do is visit the (Advertising Partners) page to sign up! If you’re looking to hire candidates for job vacancies based in Africa, after registering a profile you may simply visit the (Jobs page) to post a new job. By registering as an advertising partner for a one-time fee of only $25.00 USD, business owners have the opportunity to advertise their brands as their information is placed on the Afrinection platform permanently – the African entrepreneurship network grows from here. Our social media pages are also extremely active and engaged in African business networks and we take pride in promoting all organizations and individuals in this way. Taking this community even further, Afrinection provides a deeper level of interaction for businesses through our in-depth member interviews that take place twice a month. This opportunity empowers individuals and organizations to further endorse their products and services.

For more on our New Member Monday posts, check out our Instagram page.

5. The future of Afrinection is prosperous:

Afrinection is a platform enabling meaningful connections and visibility. The more companies, organizations and individuals who register a profile with Afrinection, the deeper our network will become. Let us build prosperous professional relationships and unite African achievement across the globe. By developing this community as a team, Africa’s socio-economic future will continue to flourish.

If you are seeking a job, become involved in creating a pool of inspirational African talent. If you are an entrepreneur, craft ongoing progress by nurturing African professionals to maintain a prosperous future on our thriving continent. If you are looking to learn from others, develop lasting relationships and contribute to the rise of Africa, join Afrinection now. Together, We Are One.

Join Afrinection to become our partner in African investment, African entrepreneurship and African innovation. As a job seeker, Afrinection is the perfect platform to create a virtual resume and reach out directly to potential employers. As a business professional, Afrinection is a platform to seek out Africa’s best talent and opportunities for growth and investment.

Create your free profile today to begin:

  • Posting and applying for jobs
  • Becoming involved in new professional African networks
  • Seeking out investment opportunities and entrepreneurial partnerships
  • Marketing your brand, product or services



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