Meet our West Africa Ambassador: Michael Alimo (Ghana)

At Afrinection we have started working with a group of driven, talented, and ambitious Regional Ambassadors from across the continent. Their task is to help us keep tabs on what is happening on the ground whilst promoting what we do and what we offer African professionals, entrepreneurs, innovators, and job seekers. The reason is simple: Africa is a huge region, comprising 54 different countries. This means we can't possibly be everywhere at the same time. Our Ambassadors will, therefore, be our ears and eyes on the ground. Michael Alimo from Ghana's capital city of Accra will be taking on West Africa. 

1. Tell us a little about your background

I’m a student of finance, a proud blogger and a passionate tech entrepreneur. Over the past weeks, I’ve been involved in a couple of freelancing roles focusing on a myriad of disciplines, including marketing, research and writing.

3. Why did you get involved with Afrinection?

I received an invitation from the founder via Upwork. It was the first time I had heard about Afrinection, but I was excited about the opportunity to become affiliated after doing a little research about what the platform was all about and what it sought to achieve. Being an African, I am attracted to initiatives that contribute to the growth and prosperity of Africa.

4. Why is Afrinection the online platform for African entrepreneurs, job seekers, and professionals? Why should people get involved, from an advertising point of view?

From an advertising point of view, I believe Afrinection has an impressive membership base, making it a unique platform for businesses in Africa to trade, products and services. Because of this, With an impressive membership base, businesses, recruiters and individuals are assured of the fact that their ads will be seen by a large number of people from different part of the region - and the rest of the world."

5. What is your vision for Afrinection and how do you see your role?

I want to see Afrinection grow and become a global force that is rubbing shoulders with the likes of Twitter and Facebook, with a membership base reaching the million mark over and over. I’m looking to take up a different role in the near future as our community grows.

6. What makes Africa such a great place for entrepreneurs and investors?

Recent economic indicators reveal that Africa is the ultimate destination for investment. This is thanks to its diverse economies, a tremendous growth in skilled labour and rapid uptake of technology. These are good signs for anyone wanting to invest or trade anywhere in the world.

However, what Africa has missed over the past years is the ability for its citizens to engage with each other and introduce sustainable solutions to the problems they face. Everyone seems to be working in isolation and that’s bad for business. Most importantly, it is bad for Africa. I believe Afrinection can help solve this problem.

7. Can we find you on social media?

Yes, I am on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn